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I condensed some text posts I drafted during school

  • I thought Yo Yo Ma was a rapper for an embarrassingly long time
  • I hold the principle that black denim pants that are indistinguishable from regular black pants overrule the denim-on-denim and jeans are not business casual rules
  • It upsets me a bit that most of my friends know R. Kelly as the guy who sang “I Believe I Can Fly.” They’re missing out a looooooot
  • This is what I actually turned in as my professor’s course evaluation
  • I’m filling out a form and where it says age I almost typed in 19. 
  • Someone asked for my age and I also almost said 19.
  • I’m 21.

I got to the habit of telling people I’m Sumatran when they sort of know what Indonesia looks like, and the reply I often get is “Oh isn’t that where they make good coffee?” The funny thing is I don’t even know we’re known for coffee until I came here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a coffee plant in my 18 years living there. It’s prolly up in northern Sumatra I guess, which I’ve never been to (aye don’t blame me for not being places, we’re like twice as big as Great Britain)

When I see the Starbucks packet it kind of makes me sad tho because it has a picture of a Sumatran tiger and it reminds me that they’re critically endangered :(

I haven’t even tried Sumatran coffee but I’m going home soon so I can taste cuz I ain’t buyin’ no overpriced Starbucks shit.

Oh hello.

Sorry for the absence, I was having scholarly pursuits/playing with myself. I’ve been listening to a lot of Sharon Van Etten and New Order. I’m slightly in love with my probability professor, he’s just fresh out of his PhD, goes salsa dancing every week, and wears no ring on his fingers. I’m relearning how to code because I’ll be working in a computational neuroscience lab. And I’m excited to see Divine Fits in Indianapolis next week.

I’ll be around.

I can’t play chess.

I used to but I don’t remember. There are pictures of me as a wee kid with a chess set, playing against my relatives. They said I was pretty good for my age. I don’t remember any of it. If you asked me to play against you right now, I wouldn’t know what to do, I hardly know the rules.

But there was proof that I did, and once at my grandma’s they showed me the chess set I used to play with and there was a familiar feeling, like it was an artifact from a distant life, and at that moment, I can vaguely recall my tiny hands reaching for this large wooden box, but that’s all there is to it.

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or, “I Feel Like Hearing People Dying Right Now”

Scrolling through Rich Kids of Instagram while listening to Frank Ocean’s "Super Rich Kids" is the most cathartic experience I’ve discovered of late

honestly when I see pictures of bodacious buttocks that seems to be all the rage in tumblr the first thing that comes to my head is that shopping for proper fitting bottoms must be a bitch for owner of said buttocks.

My cousin just asked me why I’m lying down banging the floor. “Handsome men”, I answered