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psawat4eva hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet: I ran into the professor I’m sort of in love with…

Do you guys address your professors as Professor ?

well at least I do. If I wanna use their last name usually it’s still Prof.lastname, or less often Dr.lastname. even when not in an academic setting I try to address them that way, sort of out of respect

psawat4eva hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet: So my job as an undergraduate TA is grading…

wait, 10/10 or 10/100?

10/10 lah. Demi apa homework/100? How long would that take to grade @_@

psawat4eva replied to your photo: what am i looking at


man you don’t really get rhetorical questions do you

Is that last question for me? lol. how did you do this anyway?

well I guess that can apply to you lol though you’re far less obnoxious than the main offenders.

you mean filtering by photos? it’s under the lists

but the main offenders of the day are people who enthusiastically post about snow “OMG IT’S SNOWING I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!”. n00bs. Just wait a couple of days and they’ll all be “fuck off snow”