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“Tik Tok” by Ke$ha and “Come Together” by The Beatles mashup

This is blasphemy that works.  

I’m uncomfortable.

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Those synths on Feral are actually guitars????



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Title: Clocks/Chicago Artist: Coldplay vs. Sufjan Stevens 486,785 plays




“Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens and “Clocks” by Coldplay played over each other. 

They were made for each other! O:


I’d prefer to just hear Sufjan singing and no Chris Martin, but this sounds incredible.

I am kind of impressed

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Anonymous asked:

Have you seen this video? I believe it's relevant to your interests particularly around the 3:10 mark. It's GIF worthy.

tbh I thought this was going to be Franz related as I’m a bit familiar with Eleanor but oh wow I did not expect that. Britt Daniel why are you so… sloppy…. 

I’ll get on to it after I figure out how to download videos from pitchfork, and after I gain back my normal heart rate.

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the Radiohead-Drew Barrymore connection

do I want to know or…?