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Using Data to Map Geographic Flow of Music

By tapping into the API, these Irish researchers modeled the geographic flow of musical influence. They were able to identify where certain tastes frequently originated, and draw a hierarchy of influential cities (like the chart shown above for North America).

Surprisingly, the size of a city doesn’t associate very strongly with how influential it is. That means that despite its enormous size, NYC isn’t that much more influential than Portland or Austin. There are prevailing theories that large cities are the drivers of cultural invention, but this seems to show (for music, at least) that a connected online world is leveling that playing field.

Also, they have a graph displaying “Normalized Radiohead vs. Normalized Coldplay”, which has to go down as one of the best figures in a research paper, ever. 

(via arXiv)

old habits die hard

So I went to thewaybackmachine on to check on what my looked like in the past. 

I found this hilarious, especially my gradual abandonment of my Japanese phase. And the changes in the interface is quite intriguing too.

the charts are from the time I was 14, 15, and 16 respectively  

this is my scrobbles from the past year and a half or so. You can also see my full 6 years of scrobbling (which might still have remnants of my Japanese phase)

I have an unhealthy listening habit

you can make it using this software

Let me take the time to advertise my

Idk why my neighrbours are always white males age 20-40 and they usually listen to the common indie staples and Kanye West. There’s always Kanye for some reason  

I accidentally 1000 plays