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  • On new years I badgered myself to come up with resolutions. I only thought of 2: to stop falling in love with professors and to learn R.
  • the new Yo La Tengo is lovely.
  • the new Unknown Mortal Orchestra is lovely.
  • first week of classes were awful. Had a terrible fever out of the tropical to winter weather sudden migration, went to this wrong class, an abstract algebra class taught by a Delhi version of Wayne Coyne.
  • at this point in my life I don’t think I want to be anything other than a scientist.
  • did you know a guy lodged ice picks into people’s brain through their eye sockets to cure mental illnesses and won a Nobel for it? no joke
  • and it was basically a cure-all during the era which was used to cure anything from sexual deviation to communism
  • can’t wait for Amok
  • can’t wait for new JT
  • can’t wait for new Arrested Development

100000000% DONE

  • This is like my 3rd Saturday final in my 5 semesters here
  • My limbs are so much better now since the accident, though I need to do something about my bike’s front tire
  • obligatory end-of-the-semester celebratory vinylimage
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speaking of New Order

I went to the other record store earlier today and usually I never buy vinyl there because they’re ridiculously overpriced but I found a sealed (in 3 layers of plastic, go figure) NO’s original Italian pressing of Brotherhood vinyl for $12.99

and it sounds pretty fucking fantastic in my player

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yo dream guy, if you’re really out there, now it’s the perfect time to come into my life bearing Thee Oh Sees/Ty Segall tickets.



Philanthropic Ringer of the Day: Using physics, geometry, and engineering smarts, 64-year-old Peter Drakos has amassed more than 250,000 prizes from carnivals across the U.S. — so many, in fact, that most midways have limited the number of prizes any one person can win at a time. 

“I don’t want to say it’s all because of me, but it’s all because of me,” Drakos says. 

But he isn’t in it for the stuffed animals, or even the thrill of the game. 

Everything he wins, he donates to kids: “Sometimes it brings tears to your eyes because you know that they’re really happy,” Drakos says. 



God, this reminds me of one time going to an arcade with my physics teacher after a science olympiad. There was this one game where you had to like press a certain button at a certain time and hit like a certain target or something, I don’t remember much but it was complicated. My teacher went to that one and everyone was all “that machine is impossible to win…”, etc.

He took a couple of turns to examine the mechanisms and by his 5th turn or something he hit the jackpot. He hit the jackpot so hard that the machine ran out of tickets before he completely cashed out. We asked him how he did it and he was all “There’s an algorithm for it but I’m not telling ya.” Boo. But he did end up getting the team a bunch of stuff and got a huge doll for his kid. 

we have come to an era where I can share my latest eye check exam results with strangers on the internet.

so this is the extent of how I have damaged my eyes. Well it got worse but not as bad as I thought. It has always been around -3ish but my astigmatism got way worse (it was only around -.25 before for both I think), probably due to too much squinting.

anyway, the optician lady said she had a hard time figuring out my pupillary distance since my eyes were so dark she can hardly see my pupils. I feel like there’s a metaphor somewhere there.


Oh and

I’m going to Los Angeles on Tuesday for a conference! The conference itself is only for like 3 days but I’m staying like a weeklong

Tell me cool things to do/go to and uncool cliched things dumb tourists typically fall for. And also if there are lovely LA peeps wanna hang out and show me stuff pls let me know

Going to spend the rest of the week in Philadelphia! Any recs on what to see/do?