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Abnormal Psych quote of the day:

"This patient I had, big muscular guy, used to be a body builder, has this  constant anxiety towards how people would think he isn’t manly enough. So in his treatment, I made him go to the pharmacist and ask for extra small condoms."

100000000% DONE

  • This is like my 3rd Saturday final in my 5 semesters here
  • My limbs are so much better now since the accident, though I need to do something about my bike’s front tire
  • obligatory end-of-the-semester celebratory vinylimage
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I’m gonna make it through this week, if it kills me


If you takin’ chem or bio I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but my geo lab  ain’t one


since everyone is showing off their registration

my advisor thinks I’m shooting myself in the foot by taking 3 math/stat classes in a semester but I figured out that if I just take 2 more math/stat classes I can get out with a double major in Math/Stat instead of just Stat and that must contain at least one semester of 3 math/stat classes in my remaining 3 semesters if I were to graduate on time, which I hope to do

In my “Great Issues in Science” class, this wonderful professor who happens to be British was giving a talk about Peak Oil and the reality of renewable energy. He says we’re going to exhaust our oil supply sooner than we anticipate and that biofuels are a load of crap. It was pretty depressing, but it suits his kooky, cynical upbringing. He’s like a scientist Charlie Brooker. At one point he made a Scientology joke and told us to look up “sustainable sex toys” on Google. Top lad. 


So my job as an undergraduate TA is grading assignments mostly and there was this person who was the only one who had gotten all 10s since the first assignment, finally got something wrong and I really wanted to write “C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER” on their paper but I don’t think it’s acceptable.


the TA of my Geology lab talked about how he went exploring Butt Mountain,  went to the middle of it and got inside its crack. Oh, and next to Butt Mountain there’s also one called Big Mountain.

I was cackling the whole time while everyone was all smh. I can never be a serious geologist.