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What is on it?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!

who knows

but from the previous tweets, I think it’s something Jim and Eric worked on together


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Tumblr auf Deutsch? Also, that’s why I call it the septic system.

Ja, Ich lerne Deutsch in der Universitaet, warum nicht auch in tumblr? Ahahah that’s appropriate. The train stations smell like piss too, although not as bad as in NY


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Septa is getting better! At least the trains are.

The trains are decent but the buses dear lord, what a clusterfuck. SEPTA also probably has one of the most incomprehensible fare systems


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NUUUUUUUUUU! The Delicate Place is a great song! Although I think the album could have used The Book I Write.

I did dislike it less when I saw it live, but it’s that type of song that sounds 10 minutes long when it’s only 3 minutes and I find Britt’s voice to be grating against his advantage in this song. There is an overwhelming amount of quality material between GF and Ga^5. I think disdain Gimme Fiction more than I should is because even their b-sides and demos and other tracks were outstanding

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(excessively long sigh)

you have a problem with my Spoon puns?


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What is this from?

It’s from their ACL performance of Bukowski


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I kinda see what you mean. Then do you call Telephono the Other Other Spoon? And no problem! I will do the same!

Well, Telephono is like the raw version of the Other Spoon. I find it easier to say it in terms of Radiohead albums



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Ah, well Hopefully I’ll make some friends in the class. Same for Spoon! Although, I had a Series of Sneaks kick, a while back (which is the only album of theirs I don’t have on CD). Same for MM, too! I think LCW is their best, but a bit dark for me.

Sneaks is amazing! But I kind of referred it made by “the other Spoon” because it’s so different, it would be cool if they kept that sound but then we probably won’t have I Turn My Camera On. oh well. I think most of MM’s best works are on their earlier catalogue but Good News feels like home to me.

oh and I added you on if you don’t mind!