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Anonymous asked: I was feeling extremely down today as I was overwhelmed with school stuff but then "We Can't Be Beat" by the Walkmen started playing. Suddenly, I realized I can't give up now. I can do this. The song is so damn beautiful & it's been added to my "Inspiration" playlist. I thought I'd share this with you because I know you're a big fan of the Walkmen & you've influenced me to listen to them :)

(damn I need more Walkmen gifs)

There’s sort of a cathartic quality within the Walkmen’s music, that’s the one thing people say when I introduce them to the Walkmen. I guess that is their strong suit 

And I know how ya feels about school man. I felt good about this semester but then things started to get a bit difficult, but that’s the point of school right? if it’s not challenging you then yer not doing it right

thanks for sharing!

Anonymous asked: yo yo, yr. old buddy "Eric Anon" here. IIRC, my birthday is tomorrow which means YOURS is on friday! I will summon you via my thoughts at the Toronto show.


HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY oh wow you’re seeing Divine Fits on your birthday how awesome is that omg. They just released new dates and I’m most likely seeing them in October! They actually had a date convenient for me to go, wow. I’d like to think Britt ~knows (he reads tumblr right)

Anonymous asked: The teacher who said he's disappointed & said you're "arrogant" THAT IS NOT COOL. There is NO way in hell it's your fault. Seriously, not everyone has a good memory especially if one is faced with such immense stress. You have other things to worry about. As for the remark on the German teacher, did you tell him you didn't mean it that way?

It was actually really really bugging me when I couldn’t figure him out and I don’t want to make the wrong assumptions so I just tried to ask him politely and be light about it thinking he’ll remind me but apparently he took it that way :( He’s probably going to tell it to my other teachers now 

I did say I was joking to my German teacher but he just nodded and when I walked away and looked back at him he was still staring at me all weird and I’d feel ridiculous if I walked back just to reassure him but I probably should because it’s such a terrible way to end it all and it was my favourite class of the semester

Anonymous asked: We can't always be nice to others. We have our moments. It takes patience, and those who are really nice will understand. You are a wonderful person :)

I think I always unconsciously do that to people who remotely shows any indication of closeness.

Today at my last exam I jokingly told my German teacher  he looked like a douche for dressing all fratty, and he just said “wow” and looked pretty upset. I didn’t even realise I was being such a dick I just wanted to think that we were pals.

also, an old teacher messaged me and honest to god I remember his face and name and I remember him teaching me but I can’t remember when and what so I asked him and then he told me he’s disappointed in me and I’m arrogant for forgetting where I came from and it just feels bad man

Anonymous asked: yo you know we got a wilco-themed sandwich shop in Toronto right

ooh I haven’t had a Wilco anon in a while.

I vaguely remember an article about that. I searched for it and came across this hilarious Jeff Tweedy quote reviewing the shop

"Lunch was really good, but, to be honest, I prefer their earlier more experimental sandwiches."

Anonymous asked: You'll never be a bad fan! You'll always be the perfect Spoon fan :D!! iTunes tried to trick you. Bastards....

y’all are too kind

yeah they should stop with the bonus iTunes/limited edition promo/whatever things. It’s like I have to buy the album 3 times to get all the songs

Anonymous asked: I think you're great. You're funny and your passion about various things, like music, shows.

aw thank you

Sometimes I feel that I do that to compensate for the fact that I’m really disappointed in how my college life has been so far. I thought college was supposed to be fun but I’m just disinterested in everything about it, so I run away by caring about pop culture aspects 

Anonymous asked: Dear Sarah, had a bar fight over different versions of EHAO last night. Won. Befriended loser. Was bought a drink. The end. Luv, eric anon


I wish I can get into a fight about Spoon in real life.

Spoon anons are the best anons srsly.