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Title: Everything Hits At Once Artist: Spoon 46 plays


Spoon’s Everything Hits At Once, live- from Live At Stubb’s. 

If you followed me because of Spoon and I haven’t followed you back, hit me up so we can be hysterical about They Want My Soul together

On the Do You video comment section. Amazing

Title: Do You Artist: Spoon 1,096 plays


Do You // Spoon

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Spoon - Black Like Me [Britt Daniel solo]

Honhonhon, my hypothesis is proven. Britt Daniel and Matthew McConaughey did study at UT Austin with the same major at the same time. There’s a good chance they had some classes together. Remind me to ask Britt about that next time I go to a Spoon show.

Also, 6 years Britt? dang


I swear to god I thought there was 2 Erics

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