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Franz Ferdinand never said “Take Me Out”. (x)

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Albums Sarah Listened to When She Was 15 or Something

Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

If I had to pinpoint the actual time where I started listening to indie/alternative/whatever genre I’m currently listening to, it was when I heard “Take Me Out”. The infectiousness of this song just blew me away entirely. I picked up the album, and It didn’t take a long time for me to get obsessed with the band and the music. 

They were pretty much my first band obsession. was my shrine. I was a frequent forumer and met lots of cool people there (I really wonder where they went. I like them lots)

There wasn’t much music source to get around for me back then. It’s either the internet or MTV. Fortunately at that time MTV(Asia) still has a nice assortment of alternative rock shows or something, and FF gets quite some play time. I’d recall watching music videos like Darts of Pleasure, Matinee, or This Fire. It was a fun time. One my best bonding moments with my brother is when one time Take Me Out was on TV and he called me over and we started dancing like mad. 


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why have I not seen this before this picture is the best picture

Okay, next band I give a listen will be Death Cab for Cutie

Bob Hardy

wearing a cowboy hat

and a Death Cab shirt

I can’t


Legends. Favorite people.

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