The Walkmen at Outside Lands Festival on August 10, 2012 (from my Flickr set)

Finally posting these to Tumblr since I quickly browsed through the photos I took from last night’s show at the Ford Theater and they’re not nearly as nice as these ones are. Gotta remember for future shows that I should stick to the left side than the right side…

Renee I wanna live in ur flickr account~

I think though being on the right side you’d get better view of the band in general because you’re not obstructed by their organ soundscape and you can actually see Matt Barrick and PAUL “LITERALLY PERFECT” MAROON but yeah I think Hamilton is more photogenic from the left side and there’s a lot more going on because Pete and Walt’s instrument exchange and they’re actually pretty nice guys that will probably acknowledge you if you try to talk to them.

ugh I want to see them again even if I’ve seen them 3 times this year and continue my conversation with Hamilton Leithauser about Divine Fits