5 discoveries 2012

  • Lower Dens - Nootropics: I’ve always thought that I could never get into shoegazey sounding bands like Lower Dens but nah, they’re magical. Nootropics feels like entering a tunnel downhill from a rollercoaster. That’s just how I’d describe it. It’s creeps slowly then paces you up, leaves you putting your head down in anticipation and then knocks you out. It’s hypnotising.
  • Lotus Plaza - Spooky Action at A Distance: If you’re familiar with this blog you’d notice how often I complain about how hard it is to get into Deerhunter. Well, Lockett Pundt (who has the best name in indie rock next to Rostam Batmanglij) pretty much brought out all the things I like about Deerhunter, add his own flavour and made it all more of a pleasant experience for me.
  • Oberhofer - Time Capsules II: It was a Coachella livestream that brought me to Oberhofer. The guy tried to climb to the top of the stage foundation or something, it was a tad weird. But I did like the music, and seeing that they’re just before White Rabbits on Lolla I figured I’d check their album out and turns out it’s pretty rad. I’m still not that big of a fan of his voice, but still, those are some nice vibraphone melodies there.
  • Sharon Van Etten - Tramp: Her name always sounded sort of familiar to me. I recall she was credited in Beirut’s The Rip Tide (my top album of 2011). I was actually disinterested with her single “Serpents” that was heavily hyped for featuring a buttload of awesome musicians, but listening to Tramp as a whole kind of elevates the appeal of her beat down, folky rock.
  • DIIV - Oshin: A little bit of similarity with Lotus Plaza, I guess I have a penchant for liking side projects whose main band I cannot get into (in this case, Zachary Cole’s Beach Fossils). For some reason, DIIV reached me in a level that Beach Fossils didn’t even though I wouldn’t call their music that far off. I feel like it’s less bland in a way. Actually I almost had the chance to see them live when they opened for Unknown Mortal Orchestra in DC but because of a train malfunction I missed the gig altogether. Oh well. 
  1. tastyprawn said: Thanks for this post. I haven’t heard Lower Dens or Lotus Plaza, but this made me want to hear them. They are now queued up in my Spotify.
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