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Title: One Day Artist: Sharon Van Etten 0 plays
Title: The World At Large Artist: Modest Mouse 7,605 plays


The World At Large - Modest Mouse


  1. Modest Mouse - Sleepwalking
  2. Beach House - I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun
  3. Roy Orbison - In Dreams
  4. Phoenix - Too Young
  5. Atoms for Peace - Ingenue
  6. Spoon - Vittorio E
  7. Tame Impala - Feel Like We Only Go Backwards
  8. Sharon Van Etten - One Day
  9. The Walkmen - Canadian Girl
  10. Coldplay - Sparks
  11. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - Handle with Care
  12. Radiohead - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  13. My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
  14. The Walkmen - Heartbreaker

Still the best playlist I’ve ever made


this is the best thing i’ve ever seen

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So I collapsed yesterday at the lab, like, I tried to stand up, got super dizzy and fell down. That has never happened to me before. Terrible, I could hardly walk straight and they had to get me a wheelchair to get to the student hospital.

Doctor thinks it’s the heat. I’m not so sure, I’ve been indoors and was doing fine in the hotter days before. They IVd me 2 litres of that liquid thing. Just told me to drink a lot, get rest, and don’t move my head too often.

I’m taking the day off today. The lab people will scream at me to go back and rest anyway.


I don’t understand the context of this, but…yeah.

Link in case

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your apathy and ironic detachment does not make you cool or enlightened

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